Want drivers to embrace increasing levels of automation? Make brilliant ads like this.

American visitors to HAVstory may not have seen this Audi ad, which highlights several features from Audi's suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

The ad agency was BBH London for Audi UK. (I'm not sure why all the autos appear to have left-hand drive; perhaps Audi will run it outside the UK.) 

Pitch-perfect production and sound design raise this great ad concept to the level of art, all in service of presenting various SAE Level 1 & 2 features in several different Audi models, ending with automatic parallel parking. Of course, here at HAVstory we're especially pleased that the ad makes a point of demonstrating the car's ability to detect even that tiny monkey-bike.

Yes, other drivers really are a bunch of clowns. Kudos to the BBH Creative Team (Copywriter Doug Fridlund, Art Director Mikael Alcock, Creative Director Ian Heartfield) for turning that tired metaphor into a completely charming TV (and cinema) spot.

Clowns or not, most drivers are still very skeptical about sharing the road with increasingly automated vehicles–to say nothing of trusting them enough to use one. One key element in changing consumer opinion is good old-fashioned advertising.

I would love to see the BBH creative team's take on a really autonomous car. If Audi's to be believed, I may not have to wait too long; the flagship A8 model with Level 3 autonomy will presumably reach dealers soon, and Audi's said it will have a fully-autonomous vehicle on the market by 2020.

Ads for cars like that will have two audiences: a small primary audience of well-heeled customers of course, but a much larger secondary audience of people who will have to share the road with them.